Visvero offers several Adoption services that help companies to increase user adoption of Business Intelligence or Data warehousing solutions that may already be in existence but are underutilized. The goal of this service is to make data the driver of organizational decision-making. The exact process of achieving this depends on factors such as the organization’s current BI maturity and company culture. Visvero offers the following services to address the adoption issue:

This is geared towards the end users of BI such as junior and mid-level managers and employees. It provides them step-by-step guidance on how to use BI applications to enhance operational decision making.

Focused mainly on senior level executives, this instructional training helps them to use the BI tools at their disposal such as Executive Dashboards or Scorecards to make better strategic decisions.

These seminars can be used to lay the groundwork for user training sessions by highlighting the value of BI to the particular category of users. They can also be used to address the issue of low adoption in companies where the users are already trained on BI tools but do not use them as they don’t see the value. The BI Value seminars feature prominent consultants and experts who outline the business impact of BI in a way that users can relate to. It’s aimed at persuading them that using BI will help both them and the company overall, thereby increasing their willingness to use BI. BI Value seminars designed exclusively for senior executives, help to ensure that senior management becomes the real champion of business intelligence in the company.

This service helps BI users to understand how BI can specifically help them on their job. This includes sessions designed for a particular functional area or role that provide hands-on instructions on how to use an application. A good example would be a Sales BI “How to” session where the sales managers are trained on how to use a sales analytics application. Apart from on-site support, Visvero also offers instructional videos and sets up a helpdesk to answer questions about how to use a BI application to answer role-specific questions.

These workshops are designed to help BI users to use data in more innovative ways. It enables them to explore the data from different angles and truly leverage it as an asset. Visvero offers expert Q&A sessions where the users can have face-to-face interaction with a consultant. Unlike a user training, where the consultant will provide a walkthrough of the application, in an Ask the expert session, the consultant will answer specific questions that the users might have about the application. Such sessions are beneficial when the users are already familiar with the BI application and need to clarify their doubts.


Adoption services are best suited for companies that are at a slightly more mature stage of their business intelligence life cycle. This includes companies that:

  • Are satisfied with their current data
  • warehousing or business intelligence solution but are facing low rates of end-user adoption.
  • Currently have a data warehousing or business intelligence solution in place and need to demonstrate the ROI for it to senior management.
  • Need to expand the use of their current solutions to other departments in the organization.
  • Would like to get more value out of their current solutions by empowering users to go beyond the basic charts and dashboards and get more insights from the data.

Our Clients


They created a website for me just like OLX related to advertising , buying and selling of product, “Easy Save” . The client was happy with The final delivered product was very nice and fulfilled my expectations. Had a good one year experience with the great team.

Matthew Cumberbatch

Started first project with Mobiweb in 2014 and worked with them on 3 more. I was very happy with the Project Management process and with the timely updates given by the team. He grew his business along with mobiwebtech and gave many new projects to us.

Mr. Chase Slepak

Too much satisfied with the problem solving ability of the team. They resolved the issues in a very easier way instead of making it a complex one. Found the work to be easy as I worked with them in a team environment. It was totally an home like environment.


Developed a marketplace for babies and children product. During the whole development of the website I was very happy that the team followed my instructions and at the completion results were very good and satisfying. Wish to work with them on more bigger projects.

Jonny Rosengren