From Concept to Complete

Business Intelligence projects have been proven to have notoriously low success rates. Some estimates put failures at between 50% to 80%! Visvero was born out of the idea that these figures represent a significant waste of corporate resources and attention that can (and should be) significantly reduced if not eliminated completely.

Larger consulting companies have managed to convince client organizations that business intelligence is an ever-evolving process with a need for ongoing development. Our specialists have long recognized that while the methods of decision-making and the focus of the business is evolving, business intelligence projects themselves need to have a narrow window for completion. If anything, the fact that the information output from business intelligence applications can be used to make significant decisions makes it even more important that the information outputs be tested to improve the quality of the information outputs.

Our approach to business intelligence initiatives makes it easy for clients to engage Visvero at any stage of a project and see almost immediate positive project impact. Our teams continually work with a wide variety of business intelligence concepts – from traditional data warehouse and business intelligence tools to various versions of in-memory, live connect to natural language queries, pervasive and predictive applications and the like to help introduce the right thought in making your business intelligence initiative successful and cost-effective.

Our business intelligence engagement stages can be broken out as follows: