Public sector agencies face as much scrutiny as the private sector corporations for their performance management. Compliance committees and media pressure have created a need for greater transparency in the utilization of tax payers’ money. Visvero has been a champion of performance reporting and efficiency analytics for public sector agencies and has helped to extend the focus on efficiency and analytical approach that is normally associated with private sector establishments to public sector initiatives.

Our consultants work closely with public sector agencies to develop applications that address issues like disease control and epidemic management, agricultural program efficiency management, education policy support analytics and healthcare management. We offer flexible and robust delivery models that help government agencies build credibility around compliance goals by providing increased transparency in the performance management process.

We can help you:
  • Health & Family Welfare: Increase revenue by streamlining the claims process and reducing cost of medicines procured externally from local purchasers.
  • Tourism: Monitor and analyze the arrival and departure reports for tourists, both domestic and international by time period, region, gender and age to better promote tourism.
  • Agriculture: Capture and analyze the harvest data to eliminate wastage in the crop gathering process.
  • Law Enforcement: Provide pattern detection applications to enable law enforcement bodies to be proactive and take preventive measures.