One Version of the Truth (Vis – Vero)

Your organization only needs one version of the truth. This is the idea that Visvero was founded on. The complex nature of managing data across a variety of data sources can reduce the gains that can be found from enterprise data warehousing and business intelligence initiatives.

Visvero helps organizations implement strategies, practices and applications to maximize the ROI for your organization. This single version of truth should be readily, inexpensively, and easily available to the right decision makers at the right time. Our implementation practices and product partnerships are developed to help your organization meet this elusive dual objective.

Our service offerings for new implementations enable organizations to rapidly gain access to the relevant data in application format (i.e. reports, dashboards, spreadsheets, etc.) that are suitable for immediate action. Visvero experts continually work on business intelligence technologies ranging from the traditional (COGNOS, Business Objects, Oracle, Microsoft, MicroStrategy, Teradata, Netezza, etc.) to statistical (SAS & R) as well as upcoming (QlikView, SpotFire, Tableau, dataRPM, etc.) and a hybrid approach to help organizations get long-term value from the investments they’ve made in their Business Intelligence initiatives.

Our goal is simple: “To simplify and de-risk the applications and enable the users to gain the value without having to create shadow IT organizations or applications.”

Our data management, visualization and analytics process can be outlined as follows: