PITTSBURGH, PA – Visvero has completed the implementation of a web-based BI application for the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) which will help the medical assistance plan to be run its operations more efficiently, leading to cost savings and improved compliance.

The Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) provides health care facilities to all Central Government employees and pensioners and their dependents. The application Visvero implemented for CGHS has enabled officials to do better inventory analysis of the medicine stock. As a result, they have adjusted their procurement strategy to optimize both on cost and timely availability of inventory.

In addition, using the BI platform, CGHS now can analyze an individual’s history and risk profile to determine the likelihood of increased resource consumption based on information such as accelerated use of healthcare services, medicine use and patient demographics. Taken across the organization, such information will enable the CGHS officials to to plan and predict operational factors and react faster to problems by being proactive.

The Visvero application’s reporting capabilities will also enable CGHS to meet statutory reporting requirements and ensure accountability.

About Visvero

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