PITTSBURGH, PA – Visvero has launched an Outcomes Management application, VisveroCARES, tailored for nonprofits to help them monitor and report how donations are used back to the funding agencies and board members. The VisveroCARES application was developed initially in response to the needs that Visvero discovered while working with the local YWCA chapter. “What we realized as we talked to other nonprofits was that most of them were under a lot of pressure to report back to funding agencies like United Way about how the funds had been used.” said Arvind Handu, Managing Director, Visvero. “We decided that there was a genuine need in the market for an application that could help nonprofits to do this and thus, VisveroCARES was born.”

The application has already been successfully implemented at the YWCA and United Way and several other nonprofits have shown an interest in it. A web-based application with an easy-to-use interface, VisveroCARES is completely suited to the needs of a nonprofit environment where IT support is not extensive and user-friendly solutions are required.

VisveroCARES is a cost-effective way for nonprofits to track outcomes as it does away with the bells and whistles that most large nonprofit software providers embed in their applications. Only the key features that help nonprofit compliance are included, such as: Program Management, Outcomes Management, Participant Management and Analytics & Reporting.

When asked about what differentiates this application from others on the market, Sherri Titus, Nonprofit Practice at Visvero said, “ I’ve seen numerous user training sessions and the one difference I’ve seen is that with VisveroCARES, people just love the visualization and ease of use. It’s just simple and on the spot, no frills, no confusion.”

About Visvero

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Visvero is a business intelligence services company. Visvero enables its clients to respond to market changes quickly by offering fact-based, predictive business insights. The company has mainly worked in the Retail, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Life Sciences and Non-Profit domains. Visvero clients include PNC Bank, Giant Eagle, Bayer, Service Link, AO Smith and YWCA amongst others.

For more information about Visvero visit http://www.visvero.com.