What’s Your Next Move?

Just as in a game of chess, the moves you make when it comes to big data analytics will determine the outcome of the game (or your initiative). Your organization may benefit from big data analytics, or they may not. Visvero helps you determine what move is right for you.

While the impact of big data analysis can be undeniably valuable, big data applications can also be as intimidating as the hype currently surrounding them, not to mention provide a low return on investment if it’s the wrong move for your organization. Visvero has worked on many applications over the years and developed a resource base to help clients deploy big data applications in an environment that’s right for them.

Considering the large volume of information available and potential time and resources that can be exhausted even before the first valuable piece of information becomes available, big data initiatives have required a significant commitment even before the value can be reasonably determined. Visvero helps reduce the risk by extending the rapid deployment elements of our methodology to the big data problems.

Our big data value creation process can be outlined as follows.