Case Studies

Case Studies

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Banking on Integration
Analytics for Growth

The financial services industry has always been on the cutting-edge when it comes to adopting new technology to better access quality information. Information assets in financial institutions are not just a source of competitive advantage, but also directly impact risk assessment – an important part of day-to-day operations. As a progressive player in the financial services arena, our client values the importance of maintaining and leveraging information assets to drive business strategy.

Business Intelligence in Retail
Promotion Effectiveness and Fraud Detection

When it comes to Business Intelligence and retail, the relationship can be painful. It’s been said that company executives often sift through 4500-page reports for simple information. Many retail CIO’s think Business intelligence is cumbersome, frustrating and confusing. They also realize that if you can get the numbers to tell you a story, the payoff can be of enormous benefit at both the corporate and store level.

Customer Experience
Transformation Personalized

When organizations struggle to personalize the customer experience across different customer segments, market share can start to decline. Failure to address this struggle can result in decreasing revenue, unsatisfied customers on all fronts and a morale issue among sales people just trying to keep everything together. The client is a large financial services company headquartered in Pittsburgh managing over $360 billion dollars in customer assets.

Data Reporting Pain
Integrating Data for Results!

Late in 2011, the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, after conversations with the team at Visvero, realized they could have the best of both worlds. Their existing All Agency CRM system, combined with the Visvero CARES solution was cost-effective, easy to use from a user perspective and robust enough to provide them with the detailed reports they were looking for.

Driving Operational Efficiency
Streamlined Product Development

After a successful Quotation Management application build, the client engaged Visvero to optimize the sample product development process in order to reduce systemic waste. Sample products or custom prototypes were routinely developed as part of the sales process to provide the customer with an example of product quality. Prior to the project start, the manufacturer spent up to 6 months of production time developing a single custom prototype for some of its large, prospective clients.

Driving Operational Efficiency
Through Better Business Insight

Despite being one of the largest electric motor manufacturers in North America, this client realized that it’s business was vulnerable to threats from low-cost global competition. Like most manufacturers, they moved some of their manufacturing to countries like China and India which offered both a lower production cost as well as a growing market. However, the company also understood that off-shore production won’t provide a sustainable competitive advantage in the long run, so they embarked on an operational efficiency initiative that would lay the foundation for future success. This meant rethinking its corporate philosophy and promoting a more lean and…

Governmental Agency
India's Ministry of Tourism

The Ministry of Tourism is a Nodal agency under the Government of India. The Ministry of Tourism helps the tourism industry to formulate policies, drive campaigns, and other activities in India and abroad to promote tourism in India. One of the most successful marketing campaigns organized by the Ministry of Tourism in recent years is the “Incredible India” campaign. This campaign had an objective of spreading awareness and promoting tourism in the international community about India’s culture, exciting tourist and leisure spots and a desire to know more about the sub-continent.

Health Care Management
Cost Savings without Service Suffering

Healthcare services companies have never been in a more precarious situation than over the last few years. Uncertainty and the need to cut costs while improving the services provided to their client-base has proved a difficult landscape to navigate. While data automation can help alleviate some of the challenges these organizations are facing, costs and vendors of such solutions aren’t always sensitive to the unique needs of the healthcare industry.

Measuring Social ROI
Non-Profit Performance Management

In the aftermath of the economic meltdown of 2008, non-profits everywhere anticipated cutbacks in federal, state and foundational funding. A slowdown in direct contributions was also expected as long-time donors began to re-visit their commitments. The challenge continues, with organizations looking for ways to be more effective and yet more efficient with their programs, services, expenses and a variety of other factors. You don’t have to face these challenges alone. Visvero can help you demonstrate social ROI on your programs and initiatives to attract potential donors as well as utilizing and allocating your existing funds in the most effective manner.

Non-Profit Success
Using Data to Increase Reach

As both the political and economic landscape changes, non-profit organizations of all types are seeking to increase their visibility and reach out to sympathetic constituents to gather support both for their programs and for their political agenda. The challenge – how to coordinate their efforts, track their efforts and reduce the need for ongoing technical assistance with the data they have on hand.

Reporting with Ease
Multidimensional Solutions

This client is a large financial services company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and manages over $300 billion in customer assets. The corporation offers over 125 different types of mutual funds and serves a diverse range of customers, including banks, broker-dealers, trust departments, investment companies, charitable organizations, and pension plans. Equity and fixed-income mutual funds are offered both in the U.S. and in Europe through financial intermediaries.


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They created a website for me just like OLX related to advertising , buying and selling of product, “Easy Save” . The client was happy with The final delivered product was very nice and fulfilled my expectations. Had a good one year experience with the great team.

Matthew Cumberbatch

Started first project with Visvero in 2014 and worked with them on 3 more. I was very happy with the Project Management process and with the timely updates given by the team. He grew his business along with Visvero and gave many new projects to us.

Mr. Chase Slepak

Too much satisfied with the problem solving ability of the team. They resolved the issues in a very easier way instead of making it a complex one. Found the work to be easy as I worked with them in a team environment. It was totally an home like environment.


Developed a marketplace for babies and children product. During the whole development of the website I was very happy that the team followed my instructions and at the completion results were very good and satisfying. Wish to work with them on more bigger projects.

Jonny Rosengren

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