Nothing fishy about a seafood restaurant warehouse manager using analytics for improved logistics



About the Client:

Armada is a supply chain and logistics management company that creates innovative, fully integrated supply chain solutions that deliver competitive advantages and improve business performance for its clients.

The firm’s solutions include supply chain planning, warehouse solutions, transportation solutions and global logistics.

Industry   Supply Chain and Logistics

The Project Challenges:
Armada was encountering issues regarding warehouse storage facilities and visibility of the supply chain processes. The client needed Visvero to address the following concerns:
  • Need to maintain full visibility of all the food items in storage at various warehouse locations across the US
  • Constraints include the warehouse facility, such as cold storage as well as the items stored, e.g. fish, poultry, meats etc. And the item shelf life.
  • Reduce replenishment time/cost at the restaurant level.
Visvero's Solutions Approach:

Visvero developed a system-wide master data platform including extended supply chain partners – initially using Golden Gate and later Denodo platform. We developed various dashboard applications for browser based and mobile platform consumption using Spotfire. Other approaches to address the challenges were:

  • Used simple Weights & Biases based optimization model
  • Implemented SpotFire / R for dashboarding and analytics presentation.
Overall Performance & Results:

With effective implementation of the above solution, Armada quickly accomplished the desired goals of effectively managing the entire storage till production and distribution process:

  • Reduced 2 warehouses.
  • Using the COTS core reduced the cost of software development.
  • Extended the application to Pentaho CE and Python to further reduce the application ongoing maintenance costs.

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Technologies Used:

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