Cloud computing technology is growing more quickly than ever before. Applications are becoming more portable, enabling compute cycles to support workloads in real time, and data integration platforms are streamlining connectivity and crossing platform bounda-ries, making hybrid and multi-cloud architecture the de-facto standard.


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Key Takeaways

Cloud technology continues to be one of the fundamental pillars of the modern workload. Organizations are looking at cloud solutions with a lot more confidence despite growing compliance and security concerns. The results of the Denodo Global Cloud Survey 2020 provides key insights, such as:

  • Hybrid and multi-cloud architecture accounts for more than 50% of the surveyed group’s deployment considerations and is the most popular form of deployment, while private cloud architecture is not going away anytime soon. Support for technologies such as AWS outposts, Azure Arc, and Google is the same as that for the previous year.
  • Once again, security- and governance-related challenges top the list, indicated by close to 70% of the respondents, while concerns around multi-cloud skills follow closely behind, emerging as the second biggest challenge.
  • Cloud marketplaces are becoming more popular not only because of utility pricing and self-serviceable options but also because of the variety of procurement and transaction options, such as private offers and enterprise contracts.
  • Data management and integration in the cloud is crucial to delivering real-time intelligence. Almost 50% of those surveyed are considering data virtualization as a key part of their modern architecture designs and cloud migration strategies.
  • Cloud maturity is on the rise with 10% more users embarking on the cloud journey than last year. In addition, 78% of those surveyed are processing some meaningful cloud workloads, adding to the credibility of cloud
  • For the first time in three years, since the Denodo Global Cloud Survey was first introduced, Microsoft Azure is the top public cloud choice, and together with
    AWS, it now accounts for more than two-thirds of the market share.
  • DevOps and containerization have become key components of cloud architecture and planning, due to organizations’ growing needs for automation and cost simplification using Kubernetes and other tools.

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