Customer Data Management modelling with an integrated customer view for Johnson and Johnson



About the Client:

Life Scan is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson Medical and a part of the J&J Family of Companies. It focuses mainly on the medical devices and diagnostics market.

The company philosophy is to “create a world without limits for people with diabetes.”


The Project Challenges:

Lifescan approached Visvero to address the challenges of analysing the market, research competition and expand the growth opportunities. The company also wanted to ensure enablement tools and resources for empowering the sales team.

  • LifeScan required to tackle the business contingencies in order to:
  • Have a common customer view across product lines, geography and business units.
  • Conduct market share analysis and identify new areas and opportunities for growth.
  • Analyse and enhance the effectiveness of the sales teams.
Visvero's Solutions Approach:

Visvero developed a process and framework of gathering, organizing and analyzing data of customers which would help streamline processes and improve profitability. This would build an optimal business relation and increase the sales team’s efficiency.

  • We developed a Customer Data Management (CDM) model with an integrated customer view with a secure role-based access.
  • Modelled the analytics framework for market share analysis and productivity analysis at the sales person, geography, pharmacy and doctor level.
  • Created dashboards for daily analysis of field sales data and “white space” opportunities that had a high demand potential.
Overall Performance & Results:
Visvero’s active deployment of framework analytics and customer data management resulted in the following outcomes:
  • An estimated 4% growth in market share of the top 3 products through share capture from competitors.
  • Reduction in the reporting period from 15 days to only 1 day based on a consolidated customer view.
  • Expected over 20% savings to be accrued as a result of an optimally aligned sales team after a post-merger analysis of sales team productivity across 127 regional operating units

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