Visvero upholds the belief that the engine of modern US infrastructure, governance and commerce will greatly benefit from a diverse, inclusive supplier base that internalizes and reflects the desires and aspirations of the ever integrating and diverse consumer base.

We are proud to be a diverse supplier of choice for various large public sector agencies and departments as well as large commercial contracts in a subcontract and prime vendor capacity.

Visvero is an SBA 8A and certified diversity business as a MBE, DBE and Small Business Enterprise.


  • SBA Certified 8A Business
  • NMSDC Certified MBE # PT01745
  • PA & Federal Certified Small Business # 413032-2013-09-SB-MBE
  • DOT Certified DBE, under UCP Program #14185
  • SWaM Certified in Virginia

As a Certified MBE / DBE / Small Business, we have been a grateful participant in the Government Diversity Supplier Procurement Programs for Small and Diverse Businesses.

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