Innovations in data and analytics technologies allow companies to develop new opportunities and strategies to scale 


Visvero : We bring data to light 

Our team is passionate about using data and analytics solutions to meet clients’ need for efficient processes and a comprehensive view of the organization’s information assets. We help companies leverage petabytes of data to improve decision-making, build data-driven products, and increase revenue.

We leverage strategic partnerships with best-in-class technologies to create systems that make advanced data analytics easy for you to access, understand, and act upon. Visvero has a team of SMEs in Public Sector, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Pharma, Retail and Oil& Gas domains. 

Improve services and profits for banking and non-banking financial services clients

As one of the earliest adopters of the analytics technologies, financial services have been innovators and experimenters of cutting edge data and analytics technologies. Additionally, the industry has a broad array of tech utilization alongside a massive volume of unstructured paper based data. 

Visvero supports the financial services clients with comprehensive data governance, analytical applications development and intelligent process automation for digital and paper based data. 

Visvero consultants have worked with many of the top 50 banking and non banking financial services clients for internal and , compliance oriented solutions covering various functional goals.

  • Risk management and compliance reporting, OCC, BASEL II, TILA, 3rd party Risk, Privacy, AML, Fraud etc.
  • Operational analytics across multiple best-of -breed ERP, HRM, CRM, back-office, and front-office applications.
  • Customer analytics across a number of COTS (off the shelf) applications.
  • Transform customer engagement and claims management for a large insurance (P&C) provider

Whether you have a single financial system or dozens for different divisions or subsidiaries, we’ll improve your view and vantage point so your business can make the best possible financial decisions. You’ll spend less time fussing with reports and gathering data, and more time adding value to the bottom line.

Develop a systemwide knowledge to reduce waste 

With extensive data about markets, processes and operations, manufacturers have a massive opportunity to create micro target strategic markets with innovative solutions and new levels of personalization and efficiency.

From analytics and automation to artificial intelligence, new digital skills and technologies are offering new opportunities creating innovative business models that challenges the status quo. Companies that offer adaptive solutions and empower teams will find new rewarding opportunities   It’s the biggest opportunity for manufacturers to transform their operations and business models that improve the satisfaction of internal and process customers. 

Using analytics in Procurement helps companies better control costs and align expenditures with revenue.
Regardless of the application suite in use SAP, Oracle, Dynamics, or any other ERP/Accounting system or even across multiple systems, Visvero helps clients fully analyze key metrics so they can make better revenue and profit decisions and identify savings opportunities.

  • Strategic sales performance and marketing analytics to optimize the resource utilization
  • Streamline design to sales process to develop “zero-overhead” product design reuse application
  • Warehouse replenishment and logistics management for perishable inventories
  • Automated inbound to cash processes, data transfer, matching and remittance processes using RPA
  • Numerous internal analytics applications for 6σ and continuous improvement applications

Compliance and data management services for quality care without security compromise

Visvero has contributed to improving the nature of life sciences with a broad spectrum of domain expertise. We’ve developed analytics projects focused on research data, manufacturing data, and sales / operational data. And we’ve developed in-depth skills in various data sets e.g. Veeva, , working with Veeva, a solution that’s prevalently used throughout the sector. 

Many of the major pharmaceutical companies around the globe are our clients including Abbott Labs, AbbVie, Bayer, LG Lifesciences, Forest Labs, Allergan. We’ve also worked with some of the most innovative biotech and specialty pharmaceutical and medical device companies in the world.

Visvero helps healthcare providers such as major hospital systems, benefits management companies, dentists, pharmacies make the best use of their data to provide better patient care. 

We have built healthcare analytics solutions using data from Siemens, McKesson, Epic, and other systems. Our effective and useful analytics solutions help organizations reduce re-admissions, reduce average cost per case, increase patient and physician satisfaction, and improve operational efficiency.

  • Automated processes to securely transfer private information across various touchpoints with an intelligent machine learning engine
  • Numerous applications for patient, infectious disease, prescription drug utilization analytics
  • CRO and Sales data analysis as well as point of sale, point of care information delivery 

Making dollars count, for you and your online and in-store customers

Traditional drivers of retail success, location, has given way to the new retail success paradigm… Data, Data, Data. 

Visvero helps clients discover insights from multiple and diverse customer touchpoints, online and brick and mortar, to map customer engagement journey with the company offerings. Often this leads to discovering an optimal combination of new opportunities,  and identifying low ROI activities. We help clients implement promotions analytics, flow tracking, online, offline and social media interactions to better align the operations to the customer needs and expectations ultimately creating more profitable relationship.

Our consultants have created hundreds of dashboards to help clients analyze effective of all aspects of retail business management from merchandising to loyalty programs management to store layout to promotions effectiveness tracking for online and offline engagement and many more. Our clients rely on timely availability of this information to identify highest value clients, top performing salespeople, effective promotions, most popular and profitable product categories, most profitable in-store and online engagement etc.

  • Use data science strategies to distill real impact data and developed streamlined KPI and results tracker
  • Developed point of sale behavior analysis for online and brick and mortar store
  • Implemented virtual data store strategy for rolling out strategic data applications across a retail chain

Data maybe the new oil, but you watch the flow of material and money

The catch phrase “Data is the new oil” acquires a very literal meaning for our clients in the OAG domain. Our clients have long dealt with large quantities of data to make technical decisions. In their quest to learn what lies below the surface and how to bring it out, our clients have made significant investments in seismic software, visualization tools and other digital technologies. Newer advances in IoT devices as well as new analytic tools and advanced storage capabilities are opening more possibilities every year.

Our consultants help clients leverage the analytical capabilities to:

  • Improve production by 6% to 8% – make significantly faster and better decisions.
  • Our teams help clients create better visions of value creation and align business and IT teams to affect strategic transformation. Visvero helps clients develop solutions for the most critical of analytics challenges in this domain:
  • what is an ordered list of opportunities dependent on data availability? what data:
  • which organizational model will help us achieve that value?
  • How can we build the right capabilities and talent to make the most of our data?

Some of our cross industry clients 

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