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Innovations in data and analytics technologies allow companies to develop new opportunities and strategies to scale 

Visvero : We bring data to light 

Our team is passionate about using data and analytics solutions to meet clients’ need for efficient processes and a comprehensive view of the organization’s information assets. We help companies leverage petabytes of data to improve decision-making, build data-driven products, and increase revenue.

We leverage strategic partnerships with best-in-class technologies to create systems that make advanced data analytics easy for you to access, understand, and act upon. Visvero has a team of SMEs in Public Sector, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Pharma, Retail and Oil& Gas domains. 

Data maybe the new oil, but you watch the flow of material and money

The catch phrase “Data is the new oil” acquires a very literal meaning for our clients in the OAG domain. Our clients have long dealt with large quantities of data to make technical decisions. In their quest to learn what lies below the surface and how to bring it out, our clients have made significant investments in seismic software, visualization tools and other digital technologies. Newer advances in IoT devices as well as new analytic tools and advanced storage capabilities are opening more possibilities every year.

Our consultants help clients leverage the analytical capabilities to:

  • Improve production by 6% to 8% – make significantly faster and better decisions.
  • Our teams help clients create better visions of value creation and align business and IT teams to affect strategic transformation. Visvero helps clients develop solutions for the most critical of analytics challenges in this domain:
  • what is an ordered list of opportunities dependent on data availability? what data:
  • which organizational model will help us achieve that value?
  • How can we build the right capabilities and talent to make the most of our data?

Some of our cross industry clients 

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    Technology consulting and IT outsourcing does not have to mean the same thing.

    Our mission is to be a reliable long term partner to make your organization self reliant.

    Our methodology is based on Agile principles, focused on strategic incremental success steps en-route to the project delivery.


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