Data Connectors

Data Connectors: Access & Analyze Data from Every Corner of Your Enterprise

Directly connect to any data source, schedule high-performance extraction, and build a modern, durable data hub that is versatile, compact and that feeds multiple workloads.

No Matter Where Your Data Lives, Incorta Can Analyze It.

The more varied your information sources, the richer your analytics, and your business insights can be. Incorta connects to an astounding variety of databases, technologies, applications and custom sources.  This allows you to analyze financial, operational and behavioral metrics, and gives you a more complete picture of the key systems and processes used to run your business.

With over 200 data sources available today, and an expanding ecosystem of data connectors being developed by Incorta and its partners, any data can now be acquired, enriched, and analyzed with unprecedented speed and agility.

Solving Enterprise-Scale Data Acquisition

For many companies today, the rate of data proliferation coupled with the complexity of modern and distributed business data systems has far outstripped their capacity to collect, analyze, synthesize and act responsively.

To make such large volumes of data ready for analytics at the speed of business, we had to rethink the way data is acquired and prepared.

Data connectors are a complimentary part of Incorta’s data acquisition process that includes the data loader, schema introspection, and Direct Data Mapping™.


Incorta presents the user with a configuration page for each data connector type. It is easy to add credentials, parameters, filters, and other properties as needed by the connector.


The Incorta Connector SDK makes it possible for customers and 3rd parties to create new connectors that run as first-class system components to expand the Incorta ecosystem as new requirements arise.


The connector design allows for complex scenarios, allowing extraction logic to be optimized at the source, or custom processing dependent on the data origin. A connector can invoke source-side logic, such as application-level procedures, SQL joins, and API calls to return chunked or partial file transfers.


Connectors not only return data, but they also obtain metadata from the source system. Metadata is used during schema creation to discover and label the data elements to be extracted and mapped into the data lake.

An Expanding Ecosystem

New connectors are being continually developed by Incorta and our partners.
If you don’t see your data listed, ask us!

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