Data Science and Machine Learning

Data Science and Machine Learning

Modern analytics is a combination of analytical functions and data science. Machine learning requires massive amounts of raw transactional data, exactly the kind of data that Incorta serves up with blazing speed.

Integrated Data Analytics and Data Science

Incorta makes data science ‘just work’ by tightly integrating big data processing and machine learning into the analytics data pipeline.

  • Incorta bundles a preconfigured Spark cluster for running data enrichment tasks including machine learning, and for parallelizing operations such as data loading and data reduction.
  • Complex operations can be easily scripted with integrated Python, Scala, R and SQL notebooks.
  • An integrated machine learning library makes it easier to set up time-series predictions, outlier detection, classification, and many other models.
  • Built in job scheduling makes it easy to orchestrate model retraining, predictions and monitoring.
  • Easy to use data analysis and visualization tools provide data validation, insight discovery and presentation of findings.

By merging data management, analytics and data science into a single platform, Incorta means more data science with less data wrangling.

Believe in your data from summary to detail

Original, full-fidelity data means the freedom to ask any question, traverse drill paths and hierarchies, perform root cause analysis, explore unlimited perspectives, and go from top-line KPIs to supporting transactional records in the blink of an eye.

From strategic decisions to root-cause analysis, everyone starts with the same dataset.

Unlike a data warehouse, Incorta maintains all of your data in its original form, providing you with a single source-of-truth for strategic and operational decision-making, data science and machine learning, and other computational workloads.

This means that with Incorta, you can analyze large amounts of raw business data in real-time without transformation, while also being able to drill into the details, ask any question, and even train machine learning models.

End the wait for data. Explore Incorta Cloud today.

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