Predictions on the Impact & Future of Artificial Intelligence
November 15, 2019

Artificial Intelligence is touching every sphere of our lives. Technologically it is making its presence felt in online retail marketing, smartphones, games, robotic vacuum cleaners, and assistive car systems, and the list only grows! Even businesses, IT, transportation, healthcare, are transformed and revolutionized by AI-driven cutting-edge tools.

It is expected that AI and robotics will be entirely integrated into business operations and change the way organizations operate in the future. AI will help organizations become more methodical, increase ROI, reduce operational costs, assess risks and add value to them.


A brief study on the future of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is expected to transform our lives with driverless cars, AI algorithms identifying our health issues precisely, and educational programs becoming personalized. It promises to take us to an unthinkable virtual world.

AI made its presence felt some time back when IBM developed Watson in 2011, that defeated human champion players at the US TV game show Jeopardy.

Watson is a computer system that comes in question-answering format. It is capable of answering questions posed in natural language. In recent years, Google developed DeepMind AI called AlphaGo that defeated the world champion Go player.

However different experts, researchers, and entrepreneurs have different opinions about the future of artificial intelligence when it comes to having an impact on our lives in the future.

Michael Milford, a renowned professor of Electrical Engineering at the Queensland Institute of Technology and a researcher of Robotics and Automation, feels basic machine learning algorithms strengthen many technologies that we interrelate within our daily lives. He believes AI can play game-changing roles in voice and face recognition, online marketing, and assistive car systems.

Peter Stratton, a reputed researcher of Robotics and Automation believes automobile manufacturers and education institutions are going to benefit immensely from advanced AI tools if they utilize them at an optimum level.

AI is fast taking over the domain of transportation. With self-driving cars and driverless trains, it is all set to revolutionize the transportation sector. No more dependence on humans to drive us on road.

Similarly, global education will get a new dimension with AI-powered tools. It will empower and equip students with fundamental IT skills. Students can utilize it for personalized learning options, getting smart content by eliminating the barriers of boundaries and undertaking any course from anywhere.

When it comes to personalized learning options, Artificial Intelligence is set to take over classroom assignments and final exams. This, in turn, will benefit students and ensure that they get the best academic assistance.


Artificial Intelligence future ideas: How it will affect jobs & society?

As debates continue how AI will impact the job scenario in the future, there is a growing fear among people that several jobs will be digitized or managed by robots.

While it is true that many jobs will be automated, on the other hand it will also create unlimited job opportunities too. With automation, the demand for highly-skilled jobs that require complexity and non-standardization will be on rise.

The service sector is likely to get benefitted with substantial job gains. It is because the increasing economic growth is expected to empower consumers to spend more on services.

There will be setbacks too. Machines can never have the same emotional competencies as that of humans, but there are certain jobs that will be under threat. It includes jobs that have the most elementary levels of emotional understanding and communication.

In the healthcare sector, a virtual doctor will be able to provide customized treatments as per the lifestyle, health conditions, environment and genes of a patient. They will also be able to monitor the exact condition of the patient and provide suitable exercise and lifestyle suggestions.


Is AI really the future?

Experts believe that within the next 10 years, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will take over and dominate by empowering businesses, and increasing security and generating new products. So, is AI really the future? Yes, surely.

Those organizations that will integrate AI tools in their business operations will become more methodical. Automated businesses will enjoy more productivity, increased ROI, reduced operational costs, and assessment of risks.

When it comes to security, drones will transform the way we live. They will accelerate the speed of urgent package delivery, especially of medicines. It is expected AI-driven drones will become an integral part of our lives and change it drastically just like the internet and smartphones have done.

Another way AI will revolutionize our future is by generating new services including better customer services in start-ups. By going automated, companies can integrate chatbots that will result in superior customer experiences. AI and robotics are expected to improve our problem-solving abilities and bring out innovative ideas.

To sum up, artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning are surely going to change our future for the better. We have started feeling the effects already.

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