Impacts of Artificial Intelligence in Everyday Life
October 17, 2019

Before we highlight the impact of artificial intelligence on society, let’s understand what the term ‘AI’ or ‘Artificial Intelligence’ means.

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a branch of computer science that focuses on creating intelligent machines having the ability to react and work like humans. According to experts, knowledge of engineering is essential for developing advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.

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They further add that artificial intelligence in the future is expected to revolutionize every area of life if they’re fed with abundant information relating to the modern world. This includes data related to objects, categories, properties, and relations between all of them.

Machine learning is the heart of AI. It primarily deals with the capability of the machines to use sensory inputs to deduce the different aspects of the world and visual inputs.

Experts further add that the sole purpose of developing smart machines integrated with AI is to make life easier and convenient, bolster economic growth, and detect chronic diseases. Now, let’s understand how it impacts our everyday life.


Examples of artificial intelligence in everyday life

  • Email Filters in Gmail – The search engine giant Google leverages the power of AI to ensure that all the email landing in your inbox is authentic and no spam is delivered. Their filters sort emails based on the following categories –
  • Primary
  • Social
  • Promotions
  • Updates
  • Forums
  • Spams

Furthermore, the program helps organize the emails based on the importance of the conversation so that the users don’t feel any difficulty while finding important communications. Google claims that they have succeeded in preventing more than 99% of spam emails from reaching their user’s inbox. As per industry veterans, this is one of the greatest advantages of artificial intelligence.

  • Smart Replies in Gmail – This is yet another classic example of artificial intelligence in our everyday lives. The ‘Smart Reply’ feature on Gmail allows users to respond to emails with phrases like “Thanks” or “Let’s do it” in just a single click. According to Google, smart replies are tailored according to the content of the mail.


  • Nudging Reminders in Gmail – The nudging feature of Gmail reminds you to follow up emails that you’ve forgotten to reply. Using AI, Google tries to determine the mails that most probably require a response from the user. Then, it highlights the set of mails after it’s being ignored for a few days.
  • Employee-Employer Matches on LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a social media giant that aims to connect employees with employers and vice-versa. LinkedIn leverages AI to provide better suggestions to job seekers and employers seeking skilled employees.
  • Facebook Proactive Detection – In 2017, Facebook introduced a Proactive Detection Feature that leverages AI for scanning posts and detecting patterns. The goal is to check whether a user is considering self-harm or posting something that is violating the community guidelines.

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If the algorithm by any chance detects suicidal thinking patters or detects some content that is violating the guidelines, it automatically sends signals to friends or relatives or bars the user from posting the content.

  • Mobile Banking – AI is used by banks for personalizing the experience of the users on their mobile applications. For instance, Wells Fargo (one of the largest commercial banks of the U.S) analyzes account information to provide personalized alerts such as bill-pay reminders, overdraft alerts, and transfer alerts.


  • Maps and Direction – There is barely a netizen who doesn’t use Google Maps. All the features of this application have been developed using advanced artificial intelligence. The ability to calculate traffic to find the quickest route to the destination is due to the advanced AI algorithms.


Artificial Intelligence Conclusion

AI powers a lot of other programs and devices that make our lives easier. This includes connecting with friends, using email programs, or booking a cab. To get a better insight into artificial intelligence and its role in day-to-day activities, you can get in touch with Visvero.

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