As funding and donations become scarce due to the macro economic conditions, there is a growing emphasis on performance management in the non-profit world. Both grassroots as well as fund raising organizations need to demonstrate effective use of funds to their funders and donors in order to sustain continued support. At Visvero, our non-profit sector experts have assisted several organizations to measure and enhance their social ROI.

Our consultants have experience in program monitoring, financial management analytics, donor relations, financial development, committee management and volunteer recruitment. We have worked with non-profits that have either a membership or a donation-based model.


  • Monitor and analyze program success to ensure optimum use of donations and funds.
  • Optimize budget allocation by tracking actual versus budgeted funds spent on different activities.
  • Strengthen donor relations by enabling targeted messaging through better donor demographic segmentation.
  • Demonstrate ROI to state and fund raising agencies as well as to contributors to sustain or increase funding.

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They created a website for me just like OLX related to advertising , buying and selling of product, “Easy Save” . The client was happy with The final delivered product was very nice and fulfilled my expectations. Had a good one year experience with the great team.

Matthew Cumberbatch

Started first project with Visvero in 2014 and worked with them on 3 more. I was very happy with the Project Management process and with the timely updates given by the team. He grew his business along with Visvero and gave many new projects to us.

Mr. Chase Slepak

Too much satisfied with the problem solving ability of the team. They resolved the issues in a very easier way instead of making it a complex one. Found the work to be easy as I worked with them in a team environment. It was totally an home like environment.


Developed a marketplace for babies and children product. During the whole development of the website I was very happy that the team followed my instructions and at the completion results were very good and satisfying. Wish to work with them on more bigger projects.

Jonny Rosengren

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