Visvero recognizes that staffing your BI project/s means managing unique individual-specific and situational needs, wants and desires to your organizations procedures, policies, culture and performance expectations. As an extension of our flexible work arrangements to your organization, we make sure that the employees evolving with the changing work arrangement are met leading to a successful relationship. As an example this might mean, balancing a project need of an extended stay in one role with an individual desire of ongoing learning, training and career progression.

Our service oriented approach, enables us to customize solutions to help clients attract top performers; identify, develop, and utilize employee skills; and manage staff for optimum performance. Our account team is focused on ensuring that every team member that is added to the team is immediately productive.


Whether your organization is looking to add an individual on a short term or an extended term, for project or to fill a long term strategic need, the experiences during initial few months is critical in a beneficial hiring decision.

Our account team of tenured professionals will help an individual rapidly understand and hit your organizations success measures.

Your account team will follow a proven on-boarding and off-boarding process. The following process outline allows Visvero the flexibility to abide by the client’s needs and processes:

  • Communicate the job offer to the candidate
  • Obtain a letter from the candidate confirming compensation information, date of joining, location of job, travel dates (if required) and other requests
  • Fill out Offer Information Sheet along with Pre-Joining Form to enable HR to issue Offer Letter
  • If exceptional case, obtain required approvals
  • Send the offer packet to the candidate
  • Coordinate with the candidate until the joining date
  • Schedule an orientation program for the new employee to facilitate a thorough understanding of both Visvero’s and the client’s environment (culture, philosophies, expectations, and so on)
  • Deliver the candidate to the client location and communicate with him/her throughout the duration of the engagement

Our team also follows a systematic off-boarding process to ensure a smooth transition at the client site as well as to minimize any negative impact on employee morale. The potential for re-engaging the consultant is a top consideration


The account team focuses on ensuring that the new team member receives candid feedback in a rational and encouraging manner, so that the data is easily understood and acted on. Your account team is trained to facilitate this process and ensure that the employee /consultant is prepared to translate the data into an Individual Development Plan.

Our team also provides access to a group of highly skilled professionals that can mentor a consultant though any task specific challenges. The team offers your team options to enable new team members to become successful in the new roles.

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