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AntWorks’ portfolio of plug-and-play solutions and hosted services enable you to maximize automation opportunities across the enterprise.

ANTstein operates at the cutting edge of Fractal science and automation technology. We have developed powerful data ingestion and process automation that takes Robotic Process Automation to the next level for businesses seeking to leverage the benefits of a combined digital and human workforce.

Process Discovery

Identify high-value automation opportunities, analyse user productivity gaps and optimise every process to maximise business efficiency.

Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR)

CMR uses advanced pattern-based data search techniques, a superior approach than OCR.CMR continually learns your processes and facilitates ongoing optimisation.


QueenBOT RPA brings ‘intelligence’ to RPA and enables you to build, operate and manage a digital workforce with ease and speed.

Auto Indexer

Antworks’ AI-enabled solution automates the identification, classification and indexing of documents to help drive straight-through processing.

Title Insurance - Reduced Process Time
  • 80 % reduction in processing time
  • 360 degree view of all data across 35 documents
  • 200% increase in productivity

After CMR was implemented, turn-around time for work processes decreased by 80% while ensuring 100% regulatory compliance. The customer achieved a 200% increase in productivity, 360-degree view of data points across all 35 documents, and automated inferences.

CMR reduced the processing time from 3 weeks to 3 days for a single case leading to redeployment of resources within other functions, reducing operating cost and and improved efficiency.

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Manufacturer - 4000hrs Saved Yearly
  • 4X faster implementation that traditional OCR
  • 85% manual processes automated
  • 4000 hrs annual savings 
  • 79% extraction accuracy on Day 01

After CMR implementation, the customer experienced a 79%  accuracy rate of conversion, resulting in fewer hours for exception handling and ensuring correct payments are made.

CMR helped reduce over 4,000 hours annually of overall invoice processing time, leading to an increase in business processing efficiency.

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Solved – the Holistic Real-Time Data Challenge

Gain real-time insights from your data and begin your digital transformation today! With real-time access to holistic information, businesses across many industries can efficiently execute complex processes.

Data virtualization presents a modern approach to data integration. Unlike ETL solutions, which replicate data, data virtualization leaves the data in source systems, simply exposing an integrated view of all the data to data consumers. As business users drill down into reports, data virtualization fetches the data in real time from the underlying source systems. Data virtualization proves that connecting to data is far superior to collecting it.

Denodo offers high-performance data integration and abstraction across a range of big data, enterprise, cloud, unstructured and real-time data services. Denodo also provides access to unified business data for business intelligence, data analytics, and single-view applications. The Denodo Platform is the only data virtualization solution to be provisioned as a virtual image on Amazon AWS Marketplace.

The Denodo Platform offers data virtualization for joining multistructured data sources from database management systems, documents, and a wide variety of other big data, cloud, and enterprise sources. Connectivity support includes relational databases, legacy data, flat files, CML, packed applications, and emerging data types including Hadoop. Denodo also offers self-service data preparation capabilities.

Denodo is one of the top data virtualization solutions

Dynamic Query Optimizer

Denodo determines the best query execution plan to deliver optimal performance. It considers data source statistics and indexes, as well as the special characteristics of big data sources to hasten access to data.


Logical Data Lake

Denodo makes it possible to leave source data where it resides and establish a virtual data lake for accessing all of the data. Users and applications view it as a single unified data repository. It contains no data of its own, but it encompasses all the metadata for accessing sources.

Resource Manager

The Resource Manager supports workload management with monitoring and  diagnostic capabilities. Suited for very large deployments, the tool enables administrators to proactively diagnose resource constraints and control resource allocation for optimal execution.

Case Study - Logitech

The Denodo Platform made Logitech’s cloud journey possible as a live migration, with minimal impact on business operations. As a result of using Denodo, Logitech was able to move from Amazon Redshift to Snowflake without affecting business continuity in any way. As a result of deploying Denodo Platform, Logitech reduced the run time for the weekly demand forecast program (run on a combination of R and Oracle Exadata) from three days to only a takes a few hours.

Also, with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other regional data privacy laws gaining steam, Logitech needed to re-examine how the company used consumer data for cross-sell and upsell opportunities. Using the Denodo Platform, Logitech was able to create a consumer master (MDM) solution to centrally manage consumer opt-in/opt-out on an enterprise level.

In addition, Logitech leveraged the Denodo Platform to create a more sophisticated data service, one that is powered by natural language processing (NLP) and fuzzy logic to enable nontechnical users to ask stats-based questions to a chatbot in English and receive a more humanized, English answer in response. Finally, the Denodo Platform’s query optimization capabilities greatly accelerate Logitech’s data science and analytics efforts giving it a 40 to 70% performance improvement with the same volume of data at 30% less cost.

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Data challenges beating you down. Need to have an effective strategy to get a 360° view of your operations.

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Microsoft Power Platform: Powerful alone, better together

Create a data-driven culture with business intelligence for all. Enable everyone at every level of your organization to make confident decisions using up-to-the-minute analytics.

Power BI

Make informed, confident business decisions by putting data-driven insights into everyone’s hands.

Power Apps

Turn ideas into organizational solutions by enabling everyone to build custom apps that solve business challenges.

Power Automate

Boost business productivity to get more done by giving everyone the ability to automate organizational processes.

Power Virtual Agents

Easily build chatbots to engage conversationally with your customers and employees—no coding required.

Meet both your self-service and enterprise data analytics needs on a single platform. Access powerful semantic models, an application lifecycle management (ALM) toolkit, an open connectivity framework, and fixed-layout, pixel-perfect paginated reports. Take advantage of the latest advances in Microsoft AI to help non-data scientists prepare data, build machine learning models, and find insights quickly from both structured and unstructured data, including text and images.

BP - Power of an integrated platform

BP uses Office 365 solutions such as SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Office 365 ProPlus, Microsoft Teams, and OneDrive for collaboration across time zones and borders without compromising security. They now have easy ways to analyze data and share their visualizations and insights with Power BI Pro for better business intelligence. Today, the IT team spends less time on PC deployment, management, security updates, and recovery.

LG - Consistent data for better reporting

LGLSI Sales and Finance department examined the overall productivity of sales executives  across the company. Most of these employees used a paper based or sometimes various spreadsheets as part of their day-to-day work to report on or capture information about customers, products, daily efforts, strategic activities, live prescription tracing, Input utilization, and many more. The department recognized that collecting this information would help with the company’s broader data collection strategy for better analysis.

Microsoft has rapidly ascended to a leadership position in database, analytics, artificial intelligence & machine learning platforms. This in addition to a very compelling portfolio of platforms and tools.

Please connect with us to discover how you can position your company at a strategic long-term  advantage take advantage using strategic tools in Microsoft’s on -premise or cloud platforms.  

Insights on Complex Data, so Everyone Wins

Delivered on our pioneering end-to-end cloud-native analytics platform and powered by AI, Sisense offers unparalleled agility with solutions tailored to the unique challenges of clients with diverse analytics needs.

Make decisions and challenge assumptions by equipping end-users with the insights they need, when and where they need them. Sisense helps everyone in your organization drive change and build the business using innovations in AI and ML that deliver BI with more impact than you ever thought possible.

Rated #1 in Customer Success by Customers!

It takes more than patented technology to make your business successful. You need the product to work in your network, with your requirements, under your constraints. And that’s when our customer-centric culture kicks in.

Insights on Complex Data, so Everyone Wins

Sisense empowers builders to deliver insights on complex data so every user across the organization can achieve better outcomes. Delivered on pioneering end-to-end cloud-native analytics platform and powered by AI, Sisense offers unparalleled agility with three distinct packages tailored to the unique challenges of the teams chartered with driving the third wave of digital transformation

With Visvero team’s support we can help you install, upgrade, and develop user facing applications to make sure you feel the value of your BI platform in your business.
Cloud Data Teams

With increasing volumes and complexity of data, the process of transforming raw data into actionable insights requires more powerful tools. Sisense for Cloud Data Teams (previously Periscope Data) provides data teams with the ability to build cloud data pipelines, perform advanced analysis using languages they already know like SQL, Python, and R, and create advanced, custom visualizations to easily share insights.

BI & Analytic Teams

Connect and Analyze Data in Any Department

Data is often the first resource that an organization turns to when evaluating performance and planning efficiencies. Often, users run into problems accessing and analyzing data to answer important business questions, resulting in data chaos that costs the business both time and money.

Product Teams – Turn Data into Data Products

Product teams can now be free to do what they do best — create value for their clients by enabling data-driven decision making and self-service analysis instead of worrying about analytics development and deployment. Sisense, makes it incredibly easy for product teams to build and scale custom actionable analytic apps and seamlessly integrate them into other applications.

Monetizing Data
  • 5 months to start monetizing our data.
  • Revenue stream from selling data has gone up 75%.
  • Close to 0.6% of the sell-in from suppliers. 

The UNIBI Platform for Retailers couples the Sisense data and analytics platform with Erea’s 25 years of expertise in the retail industry to meet every need of the retailer and supplier. The platform connects 250+ FMCG companies (500+ users) working with the supermarket and feeds them key information and analysis around sales, inventories, margins, and the impact of promotions for both their and their competitors’ businesses. Users get key insights into customer profiles and behavior based not on a population sample, but on the millions of clients affiliated with the retailer’s loyalty program — the holy grail for a supplier’s marketing department. 

New way to interact with data

IR Insight is Nasdaq’s flagship product, a platform that gives Investor Relations teams access to information on investor ownership, real-time research, estimates data, and meeting analytics. Nasdaq’s customers can leverage the Nasdaq IR Insight platform to dissect and manipulate the data in a way that doesn’t exist elsewhere in the industry.

This kind of access doesn’t come without its challenges, however. And in financial services, security is paramount. In NASDAQ’s role operating an exchange, it must meet incredibly high security standards. Using Sisense embedded analytics has given them a solution that meets those standards.

Build It with Your Own Data

Did you know that Sisense is the only BI software provider that offers a full proof of concept (POC) on your own data in just 90 minutes? Contact us to get started.

Our teams also have a deep background in the following technologies

Big Data
Cloud / Robotic Process Automation
Business Intelligence
Enterprise Business Intelligence
Visvero has extensive consulting experience in multiple software technologies developed by leading software developers across the world. 
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