Self-Service Analytics

With Incorta, you can deliver a real end-to-end self-service user experience that can be used without training and without high licensing costs so that truly everyone in the organization can curate, refine, visualize and share data insights.

A True Self-Service User Experience

IT is no longer measured by how well it provides reports and dashboards. Data practitioners are now measured on their ability to expand access to data—enriching, distributing, and securing clean and accurate data sets that can be utilized by data consumers throughout the organization.

There have been decades of unmet promises of a true end-user, self-service and ad-hoc analysis solution with limited IT required. The problem has been analytics pipelines that are made of specialized components. An ETL tool made for data engineers. An analysis tool made for business analysts. Data preparation tools made for data scientists. Business users can’t use these tools, and don’t have access to all of the data.

Incorta provides a real end-to-end self-service user experience. It lets anyone curate, refine, visualize and share data insights.

Broadcom’s “Go-To” Analytics Platform

“It used to take 8 to 12 weeks to get a report from request to production. With Incorta, business users can do that on their own, instantaneously.” 

Ajit Oak
BI Senior Manager


Starting with point-and-click data connectors to a wide variety of data sources, users are able to connect to data, generate schemas and descriptions, and load the data without IT.


Users can build up a business-friendly semantic layer that groups data together into logical data sets that can be further refined and explored in the visual data analyzer. This promotes data consumer confidence and usability.

Powerfully simple

A powerfully simple visualization and dashboarding tool can be used without training and without high licensing costs so that truly everyone in the organization can leverage better data.

Believe in your data from summary to detail

Original, full-fidelity data means the freedom to ask any question, traverse drill paths and hierarchies, perform root cause analysis, explore unlimited perspectives, and go from top-line KPIs to supporting transactional records in the blink of an eye.

From strategic decisions to root-cause analysis, everyone starts with the same dataset.

Unlike a data warehouse, Incorta maintains all of your data in its original form, providing you with a single source-of-truth for strategic and operational decision-making, data science and machine learning, and other computational workloads.

This means that with Incorta, you can analyze large amounts of raw business data in real-time without transformation, while also being able to drill into the details, ask any question, and even train machine learning models.

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