Awesome Tips to Select Data Science Consulting Company
October 20, 2019

Data has become a quintessential part of every business. Every large and small organization has to deal with complex data to run their business efficiently.  With data becoming so valuable for businesses, data science consulting company and AI (artificial intelligence) specialists have risen into prominence. Business-transforming big data, machine learning, and analytics are trending and generating a lot of interest.

analyzing data

Data analytics companies have experts who amalgamate mathematics, algorithms, science, statistics, and business knowledge to analyze the data presented to them. However, if you are an entrepreneur, it may not be an easy task to select a professional data science consulting company. But we have got 7 valuable tips that will surely help you in this direction.


Understand your business requirements

Clarify your goals and prioritize your objectives before hunting for a professional data science firm. At first, you need to find out why do you need to hire the consultation service of a big data consulting company? Does your business need third-party solution integration, or R&D or custom-made solution development? Are you looking for Big Data analytics or business intelligence?

If your own company does not have a team of dashboard experts and specialists, then, you need to start from scratch while choosing for a data science consulting company.


Evaluate your organizational goals

You need to understand the business objective or purpose for which you need it. Do you need the service for acquiring insights about your business or is it for boosting your operational efficiency?

Are you looking to increase your ROI, automation of processes, developing chatbots, becoming cost-efficient, evaluating business risks, enriching customer experiences, or it is just for leveraging exponential growth of your overall business? So, it is important to assess the objective of your organization.


Look for expertise

Before hiring a data science consulting firm, you must ensure that it has the requisite expertise and prior experience that will help your business reach the next level. Besides sound technical knowledge, the company must possess good presentation and communication skills.

Top data science companies have extensive knowledge and flawless understanding of a gamut of related areas such as:

  • Machine learning
  • Online analytical processing
  • Data mining
  • Data warehousing
  • Technical and data architecture
  • Big data and analytics
  • Data engineering
  • Risk analysis
  • Price sales or demand forecasting
  • Dashboard development
  • Market and customer segmentation and others


Find out the technologies used by the company

analyzing the data using data science

For analyzing and extracting the data, applying the algorithms, and visualizing the findings, data science professionals use advanced tools and technologies. You need to find out what latest technologies do they use or integrate while providing the solutions. Nowadays data companies use SAP, Python, Java, Hadoop, Matlab, Qlik, Tableau, Cassandra, Sisense, .NET, PHP, Spotfire, Pentaho, and others for efficiency and real-time results.


Take a look at the skills and experience level

Make sure the data science consulting firm you are hiring develops and tests analytics and algorithmic models with accuracy. For this, check out their accreditations, skills and experience levels.


Read the testimonials

Go through the testimonials and read what previous clients say about the company in terms of services, expertise, knowledge, and customer care services. You can find several feedbacks on the official website of the company itself. You can also take a look at the portfolio of the company that you intend to hire.


Discuss the pricing technique

You must know that every company operates differently and have a different approach to pricing. Hence, before hiring a data science consulting company, you should discuss the mode of payments, time of payments, pattern of payments, and extra fees (if any) to keep disputes at bay.

With a plethora of data consulting companies in the market, getting confused is easy. But if you have a clear project objective and fundamental understanding of the expertise you want, then you can surely hire the right company. Follow the above-mentioned 7 tips that will surely help you in this direction.


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