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Pioneering Intelligent Automation Solutions


Visvero, in partnership with Antworks, offers cutting-edge intelligent automation products that redefine enterprise capabilities. Envision a harmonious blend of human ingenuity and digital precision, optimizing every operational facet. Our solutions, grounded in Antworks' renowned Intelligent Automation portfolio, seamlessly integrate plug-and-play solutions with hosted services. This synergy not only amplifies automation opportunities across your enterprise but also ushers in a new era of efficiency and innovation. Leverage Visvero’s powerful data ingestion and process automation solutions using Antworks for your organization and set yourself ahead of the competition

Process Discovery

Identify high-value automation opportunities, analyse user productivity gaps and optimise every process to maximise business efficiency

Cognitive Machine Reading

Use advanced pattern-based data search techniques far superior than OCR to process millions of documents in various structured and unstructured formats


Brings ‘intelligence’ to RPA and build, operate and manage a digital workforce with ease, speed and efficiency

Auto Indexer

Identify, Classify and Index documents using AI-enabled automation solutions and enable intelligent document processing

Why Choose Antworks For Your Business?

Unlocking Efficiency Across Industries with AntWorks Solutions

Banking & Finance

CMR+ reads and analyses the data in your documents to improve compliance and fraud prevention, optimise trade finance, streamline account opening, mortgage, loan and credit card applications, while helping you know and serve your customers better.

Antworks for Banking & Finance


CMR+ can be tailored to provide a industry point solution for any business. Choose a single capture platform that lets you offer your clients a superior alternative to in-house automation for multiple business processes such as finance, HR, mailroom, procurement, claims, contracts and more.

Antworks for BPO


Cut the time your key people spend processing policies, claims, invoices reports etc. by up to 90%. Mine all your data for insights so you can grow your business, develop new products, reduce risk and serve your customers better.

Antworks for Insurance


CMR+ understands context so the data in medical reports, prescription forms, contracts, correspondence and more is digitised, organised and can be made instantly accessible through a completely searchable document management system. Automation with CMR+ helps reduce compliance risk and improve patient experience.

Antworks for Healthcare

Finance & Accounting

Checks, invoices, receipts, credit memos, employee time cards, deposit slips and purchase orders; CMR+ automatically extracts and sorts all your data even where documents are in non-standard formats.

Antworks for Accounting


Whatever manufacturing sector you’re in CMR+ captures all your data from bills of materials, raw materials specifications, standard operating procedures and master batch records, regardless of formatting, for GMP and compliance requirements and more.

Antworks for Manufacturing

Transportation & Logistics

Automatically extract all the data you need from your documentation, even in non-standard formats; invoices, packing lists, airways bills, customs declarations, bills of lading, consignment and delivery notes, manifests, certificates of insurance and more.

Antworks for Transportation and Logistics

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Top Asset Manager Handles Invoices in many Languages

95% Data allocation accuracy

The client chose a proof-of-value rather than a proof-of-concept approach and assessed AntWorks CMR+ out of the box. It used the solution to extract information from 23 data points, including supplier and bank details, VAT numbers and invoice amounts, and export it in JSON format

  • CMR+ achieved 95% accuracy in allocating data in the documents to the correct fields out of the box

  • The client will next assess CMR+’s ability to classify documentation and to extract data from complex legal documents, cutting time spent by paralegal staff on data processing and review

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Global Bank Achieves 100% Compliance for Trade Finance

Over 80% Accuracy capturing Unstructured Data

The customer deployed AntWorks IAP, an Intelligent Automation Platform comprising CMR (Cognitive Machine Reading, AntWorks’ Intelligent Document Processing solution) and AntWorks RPA – Robotic Process Automation. AntWorks’ technology allowed for a complete overhaul of its information-intensive business processes. It cut errors sharply, minimised costs and improved customer satisfaction and engagement.

  • 75% improvement in business efficiency and fewer delays in payments and shipments

  • 80% increase in accuracy and minimized tedious repetitive tasks

  • Increased operational efficiency and overall processing capacity

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Insurance Company Reduces Processing Time from 3 Weeks to 3 Days

80% Reduced Processing Time

The insurance company implemented Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR), a combination of AI, cognitive technology, Machine Learning and pattern recognition. CMR accelerate the title verification process. It reads 35 unstructured document types and extracts 1,260 data points. Its pre-processing capability automatically enhances the readability of old property documents. Natural language models generate inferences and improve its ability to read and classify legal documents.

  • After CMR was implemented, turn-around time for work processes decreased by 80% while ensuring 100% regulatory compliance

  • The customer achieved a 200% increase in productivity, 360-degree view of data points across all 35 documents, and automated inferences

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Engaging Visvero Was A "No-Brainer" Decision

We organized an analytics “bake-off” between IBM using Endeca and Visvero using QIik. In two weeks the Visvero team was able to deliver a consumer ready Risk and HR analytics application, four weeks later we were just getting started with IBM. And what’s more, my team and I spent over 80 hours getting IBM to start to understand what it is that we needed. Visvero team had a subject matter expert who took all of 6 hours with my team. Engaging Visvero was a “no-brainer” decision.

Chief Risk Officer - PNC Bank.

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Over the years, Visvero has had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse range of industry stalwarts, including over 30 Fortune 500 companies. Each partnership has been a testament to our commitment, expertise, and drive to deliver unparalleled data solutions. Join our ever-growing roster of satisfied clients and experience the Visvero difference firsthand

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