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Incorta Services

Unleashing Data's True Potential


Visvero's alliance with Incorta signifies a transformative shift in data analytics and management. With a handpicked team of Incorta specialists, we dive deep into the world of data-driven operations across varied industries. Our association with Incorta goes beyond just tools; we envision a partnership that truly understands and delivers on your business aspirations. Our experts, armed with Incorta's revolutionary Direct Data Mapping, promise not just data analysis but insights that inspire action. Embracing the very essence of agile analytics, our Incorta services are poised to not only align with your goals but to redefine them, setting new standards in data excellence

Real-time Business Intelligence

Incorta offers direct data mapping, eliminating lengthy ETL processes. Experience faster insights without compromising data granularity

Seamless Data Integration

Incorta consolidates data from varied sources, making it easier to draw comprehensive insights. Enhance decision-making with integrated views

Enhanced Data Security

Incorta prioritizes data protection, ensuring both data at rest and in transit are secured. Trust in robust encryption and access controls

Scalable Performance

As your business grows, Incorta scales with you. Its architecture ensures consistent performance, handling increasing data volumes with ease

Why Choose Incorta For Your Business?

Pioneering Business Intelligence Solutions


If you’re in search of a dependable and skilled INCORTA consulting company, look no further than Visvero. We're not only a reliable INCORTA consulting choice but also your pathway to harnessing the full prowess of this revolutionary platform. Contact us to understand how our INCORTA services can redefine your business's data-driven strategies.

Data Acquisition

Connect to any database, enterprise application, data stream, and data file format using 240+ data connectors. Ingest and aggregate data in real-time.

Data Mapping

Run sub-second queries instantly and join additional data sources without impacting performance. An enriched metadata map combined with smart query routing eliminates the need to pre-aggregate, reshape or transform data.

Data Enrichment

Enrich data using an embedded Spark cluster that auto-scales for machine learning and large-scale data processing.

Self-Service Semantic Layer

Easily curate, refine, analyze and visualize data through a secure semantic layer, providing business users access to the entire data pipeline for true end-to-end self-service.

Advanced Analytics

Analyze complex, full-fidelity business data using your preferred analytics tool—from Incorta’s native visualization capabilities to integrated PySpark, Scala, and R notebooks and third-party BI tools such as Power BI and Tableau.

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Accelerated Financial Reporting for Major Retailer

Instant Insight into Millions of Transactions

Facing challenges with slow financial reporting due to fragmented data sources, a leading retail chain implemented Incorta to aggregate and analyze sales data across all stores. Incorta's Direct Data Mapping technology enabled real-time access to transactional data without traditional ETL bottlenecks

  • Real-time financial reporting, reducing the monthly close process from weeks to days

  • Enabled detailed transaction analysis across millions of records, providing instant insights for rapid decision-making

  • Improved inventory management and customer service by leveraging Incorta’s high-speed data aggregation capabilities

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Partners In Progress

Trusted by Leading Fortune Companies

Over the years, Visvero has had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse range of industry stalwarts, including over 30 Fortune 500 companies. Each partnership has been a testament to our commitment, expertise, and drive to deliver unparalleled data solutions. Join our ever-growing roster of satisfied clients and experience the Visvero difference firsthand

Revolutionizing Customer Analytics for Telecom

Enhanced Customer Retention with Data Analytics

To reduce churn and improve customer service, a telecommunications provider leveraged Incorta for deep analysis of customer usage patterns. Incorta’s analytics platform allowed for the integration of billing, service, and usage data, providing a 360-degree view of customer behavior


  • Identified key factors contributing to customer churn, improving retention rates by 10%

  • Enabled personalized marketing campaigns based on usage patterns, increasing upsell opportunities

  • Streaml

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Engaging Visvero Was A "No-Brainer" Decision

We organized an analytics “bake-off” between IBM using Endeca and Visvero using QIik. In two weeks the Visvero team was able to deliver a consumer ready Risk and HR analytics application, four weeks later we were just getting started with IBM. And what’s more, my team and I spent over 80 hours getting IBM to start to understand what it is that we needed. Visvero team had a subject matter expert who took all of 6 hours with my team. Engaging Visvero was a “no-brainer” decision.

Chief Risk Officer - PNC Bank.

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Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency in Manufacturing

Streamlined Operations with Real-Time Data

A global manufacturing company utilized Incorta to unify data from disparate supply chain systems, improving visibility into operations. By integrating Incorta with existing ERP and CRM systems, the company streamlined its supply chain process from procurement to delivery


  • Achieved a 20% improvement in supply chain efficiency through real-time data insights

  • Significantly reduced order-to-delivery times, enhancing customer satisfaction

  • Enabled predictive analytics for inventory management, reducing excess stock by 15%

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