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Data Analytics services for Life Sciences Industry

Advancing Life Sciences with Data Intelligence


Visvero is at the forefront of empowering the Life Sciences sector with cutting-edge analytics and data solutions. We are dedicated to enhancing citizen care by innovating data utilization for industry leaders in pharmaceuticals, biotech, and healthcare.


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Data Analytics services for Life Sciences Industry

Elevating Healthcare Data


At Visvero, we specialize in transforming the Life Sciences industry with tailored data solutions. From research data to operational insights, our expertise spans a broad spectrum, including advanced systems like Veeva and Salesforce, aiding industry giants in enhancing care quality.

Research Data Management

Optimizing the handling of complex research data for groundbreaking discoveries and innovations

Sales and Operational Analytics

Enhancing sales strategies and operational efficiency with targeted data analytics solutions

Healthcare Data Utilization

Leveraging data to improve healthcare delivery, from hospitals to pharmacies

Cost Reporting Systems

Streamlining and optimizing cost reporting processes for accurate financial management and compliance in life sciences

Visvero's Key Solutions for Life Sciences Challenges

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Comprehensive Analytics Solutions

Providing detailed analytics services tailored to the life sciences sector, covering everything from clinical research data to patient care insights, fostering better healthcare outcomes.

Comprehensive Data and Analytics Solutions

Custom Data Application Development

Developing bespoke applications for life sciences, including data management and analysis tools, to support everything from laboratory research to patient engagement strategies.

Custom Data Application Development

Strategic Data Consulting

Offering expert consulting services to navigate the complex data landscape of life sciences, helping companies from biotech to pharmaceuticals make informed, data-driven decisions.

Strategic Data Consulting

Specialized Visvero Services for Life Sciences

Exploring Visvero's Impact: Our Client Work

Dive deep into our success narratives and witness the tangible transformation we bring to the table. Each case study is a story of challenges met, innovative solutions crafted, and measurable results achieved. Discover how our tailored data solutions have propelled businesses forward, turning data hurdles into milestones of success.


Saving 14,000 Sales Hours Annually with Custom Applications

To address Atricure's challenges with sales data management, Visvero implemented a comprehensive BI solution. We developed and deployed a SQL Server SSAS sales analytics data model, integrated with Dynamics GP, and designed custom sales analytics applications. This strategic approach led to:

  • A significant reduction in effort, saving over 14,000 hours annually.

  • An impressive decrease in sales data lag, from 15 days to just 4 hours.

  • The establishment of a company-wide data governance method, enhancing the accuracy and timeliness of sales data.


Achieving $50 Million Savings with Enhanced Resource Planning

For Bayer USA, Visvero developed an integrated data-sharing solution to enhance supply chain visibility and control. We built a supply chain planning application and advanced planning tools to optimize asset coordination and expenditure. This resulted in:

  • A unified supplier/vendor data view for improved decision-making

  • An extended planning horizon, increasing visibility from 4 to 7 weeks

  • A one-third reduction in planning time, enabling faster, more accurate decisions, and accrued cost savings of $50 million


Becoming a Market Leader Through Strategic BI Analytics

To penetrate the competitive South Asian pharmaceutical market, Visvero implemented a tailored analytics framework for LG Life Sciences. Our solution focused on market share and productivity analysis at multiple levels – salesperson, geography, pharmacy, and doctor. We developed:

  • Custom dashboards for daily field sales data analysis and identifying high-potential "white space" opportunities

  • An innovative salesperson incentives application, introducing novel engagement schemes

  • A strategic approach that not only tackled immediate market entry challenges but also aligned with LG Life Sciences' long-term vision of market expansion

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Trusted by Leading Fortune Companies

Over the years, Visvero has had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse range of industry stalwarts, including over 30 Fortune 500 companies. Each partnership has been a testament to our commitment, expertise, and drive to deliver unparalleled data solutions. Join our ever-growing roster of satisfied clients and experience the Visvero difference firsthand

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