Denodo helps business users drill down into reports by fetching data in real time and creating an integrated view for faster insights

Quickly connect disparate structured and unstructured sources. Catalog your entire data ecosystem. Data stays in the sources and it is accessed on demand, with no need to create another copy

Build data models that suit the needs of the consumer, even across multiple sources. Hide the complexity of your back-end technologies from the end users

The virtual model can be secured and consumed using standard SQL and other formats like REST, SOAP and OData

Determine the best query execution plan to deliver optimal performance. Fast track data access through efficient data statistics and indexing

Denodo Professional platform applies its unique data virtualization capabilities to seamlessly integrate all Salesforce customer data with the data from disparate AWS data sources in real-time without physical data movement. Enhanced real-time customer data drives insights, deepens customer relationships, improves campaigns, and personalizes prospecting.

Seacoast bank leveraged the Denodo Platform, which uses data virtualization to seamlessly integrate operational data across cloud-based and on-premises information systems and deliver the aggregated views to analytical and reporting tools such as SAS and Tableau.

Denodo Professional platform applies its unique data virtualization capabilities to enable the best customer experience that is driving the companies’ transformation. At its core data virtualization capability means data consolidation and integration. Most data integration solutions move a copy of the data to a new, consolidated source, Denodo’s data virtualization offers a completely different approach.

Denodo professional platform helped the largest bank in Canada, THE FIRM to connect five critical databases using data virtualization that were functionally and geographically separated. By creating virtualized views drawing on the five sources of risk data, integrated, the platform established a single source of truth for all of the local and global risk managers, who tapped into the virtualized view using Tableau and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

Benefits of Denodo

Unique capabilities to build a data-driven organization

Easy access to all types of data

Full data integration and data modeling capabilities

Active Data Catalog and self-service capabilities for data & metadata discovery and data preparation

Full data security and data governance capabilities

Fast intelligent execution of data queries

Real-time data delivery in any format

Ability to create data marketplaces

Decoupling of business applications from data systems to facilitate data-driven strategies

On premises, cloud and multi-cloud interoperability

Encapsulation of legacy systems

Visvero has the right solution set for you

We help clients develop maintain and enhance the dashboards various other data visualization platforms. Our clients like ours

Our clients rely on our expertise to develop, enhance and maintain their reporting sources (data services), reports and improve

Our clients are able to build efficient processes OR improve current processes by leveraging innovative collaborative and social

Staffing + Project Services.

Right (Expert + Time + Money) = Your Project Success.

A varied client base with analytics and process automation theme. 

Teams with a track record of making analytics projects live

Available capacity and mentorship for the  teams to create successful initiatives 

We organized an analytics “bake-off” between IBM using Endeca and Visvero using QIik. In two weeks the Visvero team was able to deliver a consumer ready Risk and HR analytics application, four weeks later we were just getting started with IBM. And what’s more, my team and I spent over 80 hours getting IBM to start to understand what it is that we needed. Visvero team had a subject matter expert who took all of 6 hours with my team. Engaging Visvero was a “no-brainer” decision.

Chief Risk Officer – PNC Bank.

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