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Gain real-time insights from your data and begin your digital transformation today! With real-time access to holistic information, businesses across many industries can efficiently execute complex processes.

Data virtualization presents a modern approach to data integration. Unlike ETL solutions, which replicate data, data virtualization leaves the data in source systems, simply exposing an integrated view of all the data to data consumers. As business users drill down into reports, data virtualization fetches the data in real time from the underlying source systems. Data virtualization proves that connecting to data is far superior to collecting it.

Denodo offers high-performance data integration and abstraction across a range of big data, enterprise, cloud, unstructured and real-time data services. Denodo also provides access to unified business data for business intelligence, data analytics, and single-view applications. The Denodo Platform is the only data virtualization solution to be provisioned as a virtual image on Amazon AWS Marketplace.

The Denodo Platform offers data virtualization for joining multistructured data sources from database management systems, documents, and a wide variety of other big data, cloud, and enterprise sources. Connectivity support includes relational databases, legacy data, flat files, CML, packed applications, and emerging data types including Hadoop. Denodo also offers self-service data preparation capabilities.

Denodo is one of the top data virtualization solutions

Dynamic Query Optimizer

Denodo determines the best query execution plan to deliver optimal performance. It considers data source statistics and indexes, as well as the special characteristics of big data sources to hasten access to data.


Logical Data Lake

Denodo makes it possible to leave source data where it resides and establish a virtual data lake for accessing all of the data. Users and applications view it as a single unified data repository. It contains no data of its own, but it encompasses all the metadata for accessing sources.

Resource Manager

The Resource Manager supports workload management with monitoring and  diagnostic capabilities. Suited for very large deployments, the tool enables administrators to proactively diagnose resource constraints and control resource allocation for optimal execution.

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Case Study - Logitech

The Denodo Platform made Logitech’s cloud journey possible as a live migration, with minimal impact on business operations. As a result of using Denodo, Logitech was able to move from Amazon Redshift to Snowflake without affecting business continuity in any way. As a result of deploying Denodo Platform, Logitech reduced the run time for the weekly demand forecast program (run on a combination of R and Oracle Exadata) from three days to only a takes a few hours.

Also, with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other regional data privacy laws gaining steam, Logitech needed to re-examine how the company used consumer data for cross-sell and upsell opportunities. Using the Denodo Platform, Logitech was able to create a consumer master (MDM) solution to centrally manage consumer opt-in/opt-out on an enterprise level.

In addition, Logitech leveraged the Denodo Platform to create a more sophisticated data service, one that is powered by natural language processing (NLP) and fuzzy logic to enable nontechnical users to ask stats-based questions to a chatbot in English and receive a more humanized, English answer in response. Finally, the Denodo Platform’s query optimization capabilities greatly accelerate Logitech’s data science and analytics efforts giving it a 40 to 70% performance improvement with the same volume of data at 30% less cost.

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